Loans should not be a burden!
EMIs should be easy!

We have designed our loan in such a way that it is easy to pay back and doesn’t become a burden.

Loan Amount between Rs. 500 To Rs.1,00,000 .

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get loan today
Get loan today

Our loan will reach you in minutes so you can put the money to proper use in good time.

get loan today
Get an amount you can repay

We practice responsible lending and will give the amount that you can pay back.

Pay back in Easy Emis
Pay back in Easy EMIs

Our repayments are so designed that it will never be a burden to pay back.

When you need time and space to repay your loan

There are times when you need a loan urgently but need time and space to repay it so you can set your objectives right. At TinyEMI we offer you exactly this privilege.

Our loan amounts are easily manageable and repayments are so staggered that you can pay back with ease. We use data-driven algorithms to analyse and sanction your loans, and these are so analysed that you will be able to repay well in time

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Why Choose Us


We are among a handful of lenders who ensure that you get thet much loan that you can pay back on time and it doesn’t become a burden on you.


We are the only one who urges you to take a loan only when you need it most. Otherwise do not fall into a debt trap.


We use data-driven Artificial intelligence to sanction just the right amount for you.


We practice responsible lending and ethical recovery methods as we value human dignity

Frequently Asked Questions

Loan Gobal provides you with loans for various expenses , short-term and long term.

There is nothing like a lower limit for loans. You can take a loan for a couple of hundreds up to fifty thousand depending on your requirements.

No there is no limit for loans, however, your credit score and finances will decide the amount that can be given as a loan.

We provide loans at an APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 24-36% or a monthly interest rate of 2% to 3%. Apart from this, we have a processing fee of 2% onwards.

You can repay the amount you have taken within 62 days to avoid interest build-up. However, if the amount is high, you can choose to repay the amount in 336 days.

You can contact us at [email protected] to talk with our executives to know about the possibility of getting a loan or you can visit our website

There are no fixed eligibility criteria, however, your CIBIL score plays an important part in deciding how much loan can be given to you. the RBI guidelines are followed regarding the documents and loans are provided at the sole discretion of the company.

You can repay the loan by either opting for direct deposition of the EMI or scheduling a transfer from your bank account. Alternately, you can also use internet banking, mobile banking app, or phone banking to set up periodical payments.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can cause a delay in payments and we are ready to work out a solution with you so that neither party suffers a loss. You can contact us to discuss your financial problem so that we can help you.

You can contact any team member to help you with your problem and they will try to resolve the issue at the earliest. In case, the issue is not resolved by the team member, you can contact the supervisor or manager to assist you. you can also register your complaint at [email protected]